We are temporarily out of stock. More maps are in the works to be printed thank you for your understanding.

                       -The TECHE Project Team!




Bayou Teche Paddle Trail Map

Friends of Bayou Teche,
Thanks for your interest in the Bayou Teche Paddle Trail map. We are asking 20$ for the maps. They are front and back on waterproof paper. Side one is the navigation map and side two is the historical and cultural map created with the help of local historian and author, Shane K. Bernard. We have them folded or rolled or we can have either side framed by our volunteer, Tom Holland, in beautiful ruff cut cypress or salvaged pine for 100$. This may take a bit longer to receive since the frames are hand-made, but it’s worth the wait.
1. We ship via US mail or UPS. Shipping expenses will be added to the cost.
2. Maps can also be found at Pack n Paddle in Lafayette, Cajun Paddle in Breaux Bridge, the Opelousas tourist center at Le Vieux Village, or the Iberia chamber of commerce building.
Thank you for your support and see you on the Bayou.
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Cartography and map production: Lousiana Geological Survey

Framed Cypress: $100                  Framed Pine: $100
Front                                                 Back

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Paddle Trail Maps