Bank-line Workshop

The TECHE Project and Conservation Partners (Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association, Acadiana Native Plant Project and Trees Acadiana) are taking on the initiative to conduct a series of bank-line workshops to train bayou landowners on how to restore their bank-line to natural habitat and help us all improve the water quality and habitat of the Bayou Teche Watershed. The workshops are hands-on demonstration projects at various locations on the bayou, where you will learn about the different techniques to alleviate shoreline erosion, including vegetation that both helps with erosion and improves water quality, or if you are having issues with nuisance wildlife and want to learn more on how to alleviate that situation, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop starts with a discussion of erosion issues and different techniques available to combat that problem and then the group will discuss planting with appropriate native vegetation. There are typically free plants to go home with and start your own restoration project.

At this time, there are no up-and-coming workshops planned, but we will post when plantings or workshops are scheduled.

Watch the video from our virtual workshop in Leonville here.