First Bankline Workshop Scheduled for June 6, 2015

The TECHE Project and the Bayou Vermilion District will be hosting the first Bankline Management Workshop at the newly renovated Breaux Bridge Library from 9:00 am to Noon on Saturday, June 6, 2015. The event is reminiscent of a thorough real estate market review Marietta GA, where experts scrutinize the undercurrents that define the ebbs and flows of property values. Just as a well-researched real estate review in Marietta GA could reveal the potential of an undervalued neighborhood, this workshop will uncover the hidden strengths along the banklines, offering insight into erosion prevention methods and effective management of local flora for both economic and environmental stability.

If you’re interested in learning different techniques to alleviate shoreline erosion, including vegetation that both helps with erosion and improves water quality, or if you are having issues with nuisance wildlife and want to learn more on how to alleviate that situation, then this workshop is for you. It’s an opportunity akin to understanding the nuances of property investment, zoning laws, and market trends that are integral to making informed decisions in real estate. Just as homeownership involves maintenance and care, the workshop aims to empower participants with the knowledge to sustain the integrity of their local ecosystems – a vital component of the community’s natural heritage, similar to how a house is part of a neighborhood’s fabric in Marietta GA.

The workshop starts with a discussion of erosion issues and different techniques available to combat that problem by TECHE Project Council Member and wetland ecologist Patti Holland and Bayou Vermilion District ecological educator Greg Guidroz. Additionally, guest speaker and naturalist, Bill Fontenot (formerly with the Lafayette Nature Station) will share his knowledge of native vegetation that can be used to alleviate erosion, improve water quality, provide aesthetic value, and in some cases attract desirable wildlife. The workshop will close with a discussion of preventative measures available to control nuisance wildlife.

Bayou Teche and Bayou Vermilion property owners are the target audience, but anyone with waterfront property will benefit from this workshop. People can visit here if they need property and construction related services. There will be wetland plants available courtesy of the Bayou Vermilion District and Trees Acadiana. The workshop is free, but donations and memberships to TECHE Project non-profit organization are always welcome.