The icon of Breaux Bridge saved

Breaux Bridge, La. (KADN)

The city of Breaux Bridge finally got its wish after pushing the state for years to repair its iconic bridge that had been corroding for a long time .

The state has agreed to fund the project.

“It was complete surprise to me.” said Breaux Bridge Alderman Bimmie Champagne who led the charge in getting Baton Rouge to fix the bridge.

It came as a shock because repairing the bridge’s superstructure was pretty low on the state’s priority list since the foundation was recently fixed but Breaux Bridge wasn’t going to accept that.

“Baton Rouge finally got the message that we were not going to give in and back off.” said Mayor Ricky Callais.

Before the state announced it would foot the bill, residents fundraised about $10,000 to save the bridge

The city is now making sure that the money already saved doesn’t go to waste.

“The money that we have raised will continue to pressure washing the bridge and will continue to go to its upkeep.” said Breaux Bridge Area Chamber of Commerce President, Joseph Pearson.

The state will spend 1.2 million dollars to remove the red lead from the superstructure and it give a fresh paint job.

Champagne has a suggestion for a new color.

“A bronze color would really enhance the bridge. I think it would give it a little more of an antique look.” said Champagne.

Although funds have been set aside to repair the bridge, the project won’t begin until 2017.