In Memory of Mary Lynn Hebert Thibodeaux


Dane Thibodeaux is the Bayou Operations Director forTECHE Project. For the years that he’s been devoting himself to cleaning up the bayou, we at TECHE Project got to know his dad, Clayus Thibodeaux. Clayus is always by his side, pulling trash, hyacinth, and appliances out of the Teche, But, Dane’s Mom, we didn’t get to know. We wish we had gotten to know her better. She left this world on Friday. Dane tells us that she was the push to both of them to get out there and make a difference. It was her love of the Teche that inspired them. Or at least she scared them enough to get them motivated. We hear she could be a persuasive woman. It is with admiration and thanks that we say goodbye to Mary Lynn Hebert Thibodeaux. Thank you for giving us Dane and Clayus.

TECHE Project