Project Front Yard is hosting GR8 Acadiana Cleanup, an eight day community “Festival of Service” from April 1-April 8. Project Front Yard is a regional effort, Lafayette Parish came up with the 8 day of “Festival of Service” idea and designated each day to focus on different aspects of Project Front Yard. As a partner in PFY St. Martin Parish is mirroring the eight day festival within our community;

April 1-Commuinty Beautification, encouraging yard work at home and public spaces. Please share your work, or work of others you admire on our facebook page. #SOCIALGOODDAY

April 2- Enjoy Parks/Docks along the Bayou Teche. Get out and paddle, or enjoy a picnic on the Bayou. #BAYOUDAY

April 3- Signs are litter, remove illegal signs from R-O-W and public land. #ILLEGALSIGNDAY

April 4- Project Harvest/Planting Project. Encourage others to plant, especially fruit trees and vegetables. #PLANTINGDAY

April 5- Waste Free Lunch, can you eat lunch without generating waste needing to be disposed of? Let’s try! #WASTEFREEDAY

April 6- Embrace This Space, if there is a space you or your organization out like to adopt and improve, please do so. #BEAUTIFICATIONDAY

April 7- Promote or even contribute public art. #PUBLICARTDAY

April 8- Extreme Makeover: Veteran’s Home Edition #VOLUNTEERDAY

#GR8AcadianaCleanup #ProjectFrontYard #FestivalofService