Shake Your Trail Feather Update

Despite the Pandemic and Hurricane Delta we are still a go to do a COVID modified event! There will be a Paddle Parade with Eventbrite registration til midnight on the 14th. If you miss the Eventbrite registration, you can register at Poches on the bank at 9 am for $12. All registrations are for the paddle and include an event pin valued at $5. If you would like to join us at Parc des Ponts to welcome in the paddlers, it is free to attend. Try to make it by 11:30 and please wear a mask. We encourage you to buy our event pin to support the Bayou Teche Paddle Trail. We will be serving lunch, playing zydeco music on a PA system, and selling merchandise. At 1 pm, we will raffle off a $200 gift certificate to Pack and Paddle. The are more details about the event (shuttle service, boat rentals, etc) on our Event Page, so have a look and come join us on the 17th!