Bayou-Ku Poems by Kids

Ages 5-8 First Place

As my skin slithers
My long split slick tongue hisses, kisses
and breathes in the Teche.

Ava Gauthier, 8 years old

Ages 5-8 Second Place

My Spikey Friend 

I have teeth so sharp
I am green, love to scare
Splash, splash, splash in the bayou

Harriet Bass, 5 years old

Ages 9-12 First Place


I live in water
My teeth like sharpened razors
With rough, scaly skin.

Tracy Lancon, 10 years old

Ages 9-12 Second Place

The Cypress Tree

Near the bayou’s shore
Wind swaying in my branches
A bright summer day.

Carter Prudhomme, 9 years old

Ages 9-12 Third Place


In bayou’s waters
I quack for babies to follow
Paddling shallow water

Laila Delahoussaye, 9 years old